Product Rave || L'oreal EverRiche 'No Sulphates'

L'Oreal 'EverRiche' for fine/dry hair. £5.99 each

Hair care is a massive deal in my life - it has to be! Roots and trim are strictly maintained every 6-8 weeks, extensions re-fitted every 3-4 months, hair extension upkeep... basically, salon trips are endless. And so it is therefore absolutely vital no, wait, compulsory that my gorgeous long thick locks are always kept in pristine condition. Glossy, silky and smooth.

L'Oreal is my drugstore super brand - their products just never fail to impress me. Their mascara range for one is an absolute staple in my make-up bag and never ever would I stray to buy a different branded mascara nowadays. So when I spotted their latest revolutionary hair products clamming to be 'sulphate free' and some sort of gem for hair containing no nasty ingredients, I was more than intrigued to give them a whirl to see what these potentially miracle products where really about.

The 'no sulphates' range currently contains three different varieties, I opted for the 'EverRiche' range which is targeted towards dry hair as due to the regular bleaching my hair receives, it tends to be more prone to drying out, so it is essential that it is kept well moisturised and nourished.

Upon first use, the gorgeous scent stood out for me straight away. Nothing beats a good smelling shampoo and this did not fail to deliver. The only way I can describe the smell is by imagining the smell of vanilla, coconut and caramel all mixed together - I know reading this may sound crazily sweet and sickly but I can assure you is it really not - the balance is just right and not too overpowering.

After massaging the shampoo into my hair I noticed it foamed really well, which then made me start to wonder if  the product was ligate with this whole 'sulphate free' business. Surely it couldn't produce that much foam without any sulphates in? Well I got onto the case straight away and examined  closely the ingredients labelled on the back of the package. I then came across something called 'sodium lauryl sulfoacetate' - which may sound like some harsh cheap chemical however in fact it is completely natural and does the same job of making your shampoo foam!

After shampooing and conditioning my hair with this combo, I couldn't quite believe how gorgeous and soft my hair felt. Normally when I get out the shower I have to sit combing through my hair ensuring all the knots are out but with this no, I could literally glide my hands through my hair and feel the sheer soft and smoothness of it.

The deep conditioning mask also has a massive thumbs up from me too. I apply this sparingly about twice a week and leave it on for a good ten minutes. Once rinsed off it is straight away apparent how much of a difference it makes to my hair, not only by the softness but also by appearance - it literally gleams with shine!

Overall I really do love this range of hair care by L'Oreal - it ticks all the boxes for me and I have already re-purchased my second lot of this lovely stuff!

Have you tried this range? What are your thoughts? I'd love to know!


Harriet Rachel said...

I've never tried this, i'm also always keen with my hair care so il have to get this! xxx

Jade Hardy said...

My hair could definitely do with some TLC and I always struggle picking shampoo and conditioner so I'll keep an eye out for these! xx

Kelly said...

This range sounds good and anything that smells like vanilla, chocolate and caramel is a winner in my book. Reasonable price too! x

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