Hair Tutorial || Big glamorous waves.

For anybody that knows me, big hair is my trademark; which means that thick, volumised long locks are just compulsory to me. I've had hair extensions now since I can remember - not because my hair is short (it is actually not too far off my extensions length) but mainly for the thickness and volume they create.
One of the most frequently asked questions I seem to get asked nowadays revolves around the styling of my hair and what I use to create my big curly waves, so I have decided to devise a quick tutorial below to show you how I achieve this lovely look.
What you will need -
1. Treseme Hairspray // Boots
2. Mark Hill Curling wand // Mark Hill
3. Paddle brush // Primark 
4. Schwarzkopf Volumising Powder // Boots
Step 1 - Grab a section of your hair approximately the thickness that I have picked up in the picture below - you want fairly big sections compared to what you would use if you was achieving small curls as this is what will create them big waves.

Step 2 - Wrap your hair around the wand away from you (if that makes sense), if you look in the picture of the direction I am curling my hair this might help you. When you do the other side of your hair again make sure you curl the hair away from you so that the curls will all look the same on each side. I hold the wand for about ten seconds or until I can touch the hair and it feels hot. When you remove the wand and let the curl drop it should look like the second picture below. Repeat this curling technique until all your hair is curled.
Step 3 - After you have curled all your hair take a hairspray and spray sparingly over your hair. I then like to tip my hair upside down and again generously spray with hairspray ( I find this adds extra volume and body to my curls). I then take a paddle brush and lightly brush through my hair so the curls become more wave like and aren't all bunched up together. Alternatively run your fingers through your hair to spread the curls out. To add even more volume to my hair I then lightly backcomb underneath my fringe and top layers. I then put a small amount of volumising powder on the backcomb and rub this in - this will hold your backcomb and give you long lasting volume for the majority of the day. And that's it - you now should have gorgeous big wavey curls! How simple was that?! Here is the final result...

I hope you liked my quick, simple tutorial! Let me know what you think.


Kelly said...

I love the colour of your hair! x

Harriet Rachel said...

Love this! Looks gorgeous!
That volumizing powder is one of my favs!:) xxx

Joanna Holly said...

Your hair is gorge x

Rachael Stewart said...

Wow your hair is amazing!

Rachael | ♥

Laura Gemma said...

Thanks hun xx

Laura Gemma said...

Thanks babe! Ahh i know its a life saver :-) xx

Laura Gemma said...

Thanks babe xx

Laura Gemma said...

Thank you! :) xx

Grace said...

You have gorgeous hair! :)

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