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For the last few months now I have been on a mission to get bikini body ready in a bid to banish my wobbly bits and feel more toned and comfortable in my body. I have always been a fairly petite girl and never any bigger than a size 8 but it really frustrates me when people assume that being this size is some sort of gene inherited condition - it is really not! I have always watched what I eat making sure that in the week I mostly have a balanced diet of meat, fruit and veg whilst at the weekend allow myself some treats! I have always tried to incorporate some exercise into my lifestyle however I am constantly swapping and changing between the gym or work-out DVDs - none of which I have absolutely loved, been ideal and stuck to!

When I first heard about Results with Lucy I initially didn't think it would be anything spectacular if I am honest. I had heard mixed reviews but at the same time I was really intrigued to give it a whirl - At £12.00 a month and £3 a week which is equivalent to buying a Starbucks - it meant that I would be paying a third of my £36.00 a month gym membership for unlimited access to her videos which could potentially give me my dream body - why not? So I made the plunge and said goodbye to my hefty priced gym membership...

What I love...

CONVINIENT-  Results with Lucy is so ideal for a busy on the go person like myself. Going to the gym always seemed a massive effort after uni and work, having to constantly motivate myself, get ready before having to drive whilst often sitting in 20 minutes of rush hour traffic before even getting there (gr) - but this requires none of that - just a simple glass of water at the ready, switch your computer on and you are ready to go at any time of the day!

FUN - I could not actually believe how much I found myself enjoying the work-outs, going to the gym used to be so dull and dismal, often seeming like such a chore even with my Marbella sessions blasting!! Whereas I now find myself actually looking forward to getting home and doing a 30 minute work-out session before sitting down to relax. The fact you can mix up the videos and do something different everyday makes it so refreshing and varied - goodbye boredom!

CHEAP - £3 a week is equivalent to one of my regular Starbucks fixes which in contrast to the fact you are getting a weeks worth of unlimited access to videos to get your ass into shape is nothing to put a hole in your purse! One month of results with Lucy has already saved me £24 by quitting my gym membership which over a 12 month period works out to be £288 which sounds rather a lot when I think about all the gorgeous clothes and makeup purchases I could make with that!!

 RESULTS - For the last month I have been trying to do at least 30 minutes of Results with Lucy 4-5 times a week. I obviously have incorporated this alongside a healthy eating regime and I can honestly say I already feel 100 times better in myself!! My body is undoubtedly starting to tone and I am even noticing little abs coming through - (YAY). This in itself is such a boost and strives me to work-out ten times harder!

Here are my results so far -
 Obviously this is still quite a new concept and although I do highly recommend it to everybody this in an honest review and I still think there is room for improvements which I am sure over time will be dealt with.

A suggestion/ improvement...

VIDEO CONTINUITY - One thing that does niggle me is the fact you have to repeatedly stop to choose and play another video - it is not a major issue but something they could look to improve. Personally to boost the accessibility and easy flow of doing Results with Lucy I think it would be a good idea to add a playlist option - so that you can click on the videos you want to do prior to starting your work-out and then see them go into a playlist where they are played back to back without you having to stop - start.

Overall I am really impressed with Results with Lucy as a fitness regime and would urge everybody to give it a go! I think the daily work-outs are really fast effective, simple to grasp and in addition enjoyable and fun to do. Having the work-outs all in easy reach spread across a few web pages makes it really simple to view, as it allows you to see what videos are available whilst providing details of what area of your body you will be focusing on whether it be abs, bums, legs, arms or cardio. People have commented that why would you pay £12 a month when you can pay that in a one of payment for a work-out DVD which gives you continuous access, but unlike a work-out video that you play repeatedly and get bored of, Results with Lucy frequently add new videos for you to enjoy allowing you to do something new and fresh whilst mixing up and enhancing your regime.
Although yes you can access similar content on YouTube, personally I feel RWL offers me that bit more, giving me professional standards of videos, different levels of work outs, frequent video updates and of course Lucy meck to girl crush over and get major body envy/inspo!

If you do sign up be sure to follow results with Lucy on twitter @Resultswithlucy - as they daily tweet their recommended videos to do for that day. To sign up all you need to do is click this link here which will direct you to the site.

Hope this helped you! If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
* Just a note that this review is my own honest opinion, I have not been paid nor contacted my Results with Lucy to write this.


Becky Boo said...

I also tried results with lucy and found the videos really good! the ab workouts were amazing but I cancelled my subscription because you can get all these workouts for free on youtube, theres tonnes of channels which have similar workouts which will save you a fortune, imagine how much you'll spend a year if you keep the subscription. Toneitup on youtube post regular videos and have loads of the results with lucy type workouts check them out :)

however, good review and cute blog

becky x

Anonymous said...

Hi, would I be able to do results with Lucy on my mobile phone or will I need a laptop?

Miriam Fawcett said...

how long did it take you to get those results? you look great! :)

Miriam Fawcett said...

how long did it take you to get those results? you look great! :)

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