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When it comes to hair extensions there are not many methods I have not yet tried and tested - I am a complete hair extension addict and always on the hunt for the best method and hair quality. I can finally say I have found my all time favourite method - Micro-rings. Here is my guide on what they entail and why I think they are the best method around....
What type of hair extensions are they?

Micro-rings consist of a tiny bead looking ring.
How are they put in?

The hair extensions are applied by taking a small strand of your natural hair and threading it through the mirco-ring with a strand of extension. The ring is then squeezed shut using small pliers so that it is secured in place.

How long do they last?

They can last anything from 3 months plus, however ideally you should be going for maintenance in between so that the hair does not matte together as if this starts to happen I would strongly advice you to get them taken out. If you are using top quality hair this can last for up to a year so that means you can have them taken out and put back in when needed.

How much do they cost?

This will all depend on your hairdresser and the quality of hair you choose, my hairdresser charges £200 for half a head 100 bonds and £400 for full head 200 bonds but the hair quality is absolutely amazing. I had 160 bonds in, so just less than a full head but still achieving maximum thickness and fullness. Always research and look into who you are getting hair extensions with before hand as there are so many salons and mobile one's around at the moment who are charging cheap prices but out to rip you off - using cheap hair and just doing one day courses in extensions. BEAWARE! Don't think that just because someone charges a cheap price that it will be good - look at pictures and ask around first as they are most probably using cheap naff hair which will look awful.

My opinion on them :

In my opinion micro-rings are the best hair extension method around. If you are not used to extensions then you will find any method quite heavy and achy on your head at first as you will not be use to the weight and general feel of them - you will get use to them though! As a frequent hair extension user I found these super comfy compared to pre-bonds which tend to be more bulkier and harder to sleep on in my opinion. I had 160 bonds so very thick and full which is just what I wanted - the only down side is that they are high maintenance in terms of styling as they do take a while to blowdry and style - ( I'm use to that though)!! One major advantage is that they are non harmful to your hair when removing unlike most extensions - they are removed by unlocking the ring with pliers - causing minimum if any hair loss. When I took my pre-bonds out I lost a lot of hair due to the glue so these are amazing in comparison. If you love thick, long glossy hair I would definitely recommend these and especially my hairdresser - he his literally the best hairdresser in the world (not even joking) I have never walked out the salon so satisfied and happy with my hair. He really does look after you and is an absolute perfectionist making sure you look amazing!! The quality is also the best I have ever had! If you want him to do your hair check him out on facebook  here.

Before                                                                        After - Straight

 After - Curly                                                           On holiday with my gorgeous extensions!

Any questions feel free to ask me girls!


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