Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I actually can not believe how quick 2012 went - it is actually starting to scare me how quick time is going - I don't want to grow up just yet! I always feel like new years eve is so over-rated, there is so much hype and to be honest it always ends up expensive and a big disappointment. This year my plans were left til last minute and I ended up staying local and going to a working mens club - a last resort and some where I really did not want to go! It attracts basically people from school that you have not seen in years and have no plan of ever socialising with again but hey ho my boyfriends brother and his girlfriend were going so this is why we went! It was absolutely rammed 500 people and 4 bar staff, 1 hour and a half waiting for drinks - need I say more!

2012 was actually a really good year for me - I won't rant on and bore you about what I did and achieved because I already have a post on that which if you are interested can find here. I am so excited for what 2013 holds, I feel like I am finally in a place in my life where I am truly happy and content. I have an amazing boyfriend, a lovely family, a handful of true friends and I know I have so much to look forward to career wise and socially this year.

Here are a few "New Years resolutions" that I wish to achieve and accomplish this year -

- Go to the gym at least 3 times a week - Now that I have actually took the plunge and joined the gym I am determined to make full use of my membership and go on a regular basis. I have never been 100% happy and satisfied with my body in a bikini when I am on holiday and like every girl feel a bit self conscious! This year though I am determined to feel gorgeous, skinny and toned when I am strolling on that beach. Watch this space...

-Blog regularly - I am so happy that I have finally got back into blogging in the last few months of this year - I may sound a cheese ball but blogging brings me so much happiness, I love writing more than anything and I get so much satisfaction by sitting down and writing - even if half the time I feel like I am speaking to myself - it don't bother me because it is what I LOVE doing. My aim now though is to make this a regular occurrence and expand my blog to be bigger and better this year!

- Save money - This was one of my resolutions last year in which I failed miserably at. I find saving so so hard though - as a beauty and clothes obsessed girly girl saving must be the hardest thing ever when your list of wants are never ending and you stroll into a shop and see things you just can not walk past! My plan though is to think before I buy and ask myself - do you REALLY need that? Is it a necessity or a luxury? I have already managed to put £100 into my savings account this month so pat on the back for me. Lets hope this continues...

- Purchase a GOOD camera - When I read peoples blog and see the gorgeous photography their blog is filled with it makes me so envious and jealous of their amazing cameras! Now that I am starting to blog more and more, I want to make my blog better. Picture quality is a big thing - so I really want to invest in a good quality SLR camera so my blog too can be filled with lovely high quality pictures! P.S if anyone can recommend me a good camera please feel free to drop a comment below.

- Take more pictures - I am so useless at taking pictures and capturing memories and I really need to get better at this. I love scrolling through pictures and reminiscing on memories but you can only do this with pictures and their are so many good occasions in which I have missed out on taking pictures - so definitely needs to happen this year!

- Get a 2.1 in my second year at uni - Basically I NEED a 2.1 - if not my life is over, well not literally but my teaching career will be so I need to make this happen!

What are your New Years Resolutions? I would love to hear them so feel free to comment below! Happy 2013 everyone!
Don't you love walking down your street the next morning and seeing last nights bottle of wine and worst of all forgeting you had walked home with it? ha

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Milja said...

Happy new year and I love your blog so it's good to hear that you'll keep writing it ! :)

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