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  After seeing the "My Beauty Firsts TAG" on Good Golly Miss Hollie's Blog I thought I would join in the fun and share mine with you!
1. What is your earliest beauty memory?

- One of my earliest memories was wanting pretty painted nails - I must have only been 6 or 7 and my mum brought me some "peel off" nail varnish because I wasn't a big girl to wear adult nail varnish! Quite cute really but all I remember doing was enjoying peeling it off!

2. What was your first beauty purchase?

- My first beauty purchase was a black Avon eyeliner - It turned out to be the best eyeliner I have ever purchased and I still swear by it! It is a blackest black and stays on without a single smudge all day!

3. When did you first wear makeup?
- In year 8 I was getting badly bullied, I got assigned to a new friendship group - they were the pretty popular girls of the year all already wearing full faces of make-up! I started with eyeliner and lippy and by year 10 I was make-up obsessed!

4. When was your first beauty disaster?

- My first beauty disaster was my foundation application - I never use to apply any to my neck so it looked awful, my face was a complete different colour to my neck- at the time I didn't think anything off it but when I look back it makes me cringe because that is a big pet hate of mine now!

5. Who was your first beauty crush?

-  I use to be obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley, I thought they were gorgeous - flawless tanned skin and beautiful hair!

6.What was your first brand crush?
- My first brand crush was quite surprisingly MAC - all the girls at school always talked about how amazing their products were and as I couldn't afford to run out and buy their make-up as it was quite expensive for a 15 year old! I remember asking for some products for Christmas one year! I fell in love straight away and in particular with the MAC studio foundation - finding a foundation with a thick coverage to hide my freckles but yet didn't go patchy and stayed on all day had been previously a problem for me but this ticked all the boxes for me! 

7. What is your longest standing beauty love?
-  This is a tough one but either L'oreal Voluminous or MAC studio fix fluid. This Mascara makes my eyelashes so long and thick - it has definitely been my most re-purchased product and the same with MAC studio Fix foundation - full coverage and lasts all day... perfect!

I also love Intimately beckham perfume by Victoria Beckham - It smells just like Dior pure poison and only costs about £15! It is such an easy everyday perfume to wear.
I TAG everyone of my lovely readers to do "My beauty firsts". I would love to hear your responses, please feel free to leave them below in the comment box.


Marisol D. said...

Studio fix fluid foundation is my all time favorite too, I own it in nc35&40, for my nights out/tan days, naturally I'm like nc25!!! Anyway i use it for the same reasons you do, to cover up my freckles, I just starting using Kat von D lock it foundation, the coverage is better than SFF, the only down side is that it dries super quick so you have to work fast. I got it in my natural skin tone (my light-medium complection) I got in medium-52.

Laura Gemma said...

Ahhh thats like me - NC25 naturally and NC 35/40 with a tan ;) Oh really! I will have to have a look at that then, I love full coverage foundations, hate my freckles so like to cover them up!!x

Laura Gemma said...
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