Olay essentials skin care review

Olay Essentials - Eye make-up remover - Face scrub - Refreshing Toner - Daily facial Cloths.

When it comes to skin care I must admit I am quite obsessive with trying new products as after having a full face of slap on all day I feel its very important to have a good routine before and after applying and taking of your make-up! I picked this selection of Olay essential products up at ASDA as they are currently on offer at £1.50 each, so I thought at this little price it would be rude not to try!

Facial Cloths -  These cloths are good to use in the morning as they are quick and easy to use - Simply wet with warm water and wipe all around your face. They feel really refreshing and cleansing on your skin and are sure to get any excess dirt of your face.

Face Scrub - This is good to use at night after you have used a face wipe to get your make-up off as it will get any remaining grub off and leave your face feeling refreshed and soft.

Refreshing Toner - This is my favourite product out of them all - using a toner is an important stage in your skin care routine as it removes any unseen excess dirt - I dab a little bit of this on a cotton wool pad and I am always amazed to find out much dirt I remove of my skin even after using a face wipe, scrub etc! ++ It smells lovely!

Eye Make-up Remover - This product was my least favourite out of them all - although it does its job and is very soft and moisturising on my eyes, it takes while to take your eye make-up off - I prefer using an oil such as baby oil as this takes your eye makeup off so quickly!

For the price I paid I am very happy with these products, they do their job as described and leave your skin feeling refreshed, moisturised and clean. I also like the fact that none of these products sting or are too fragranced as I tend to find my skin is quite sensitive to this and goes red.

What are your favourite skincare products?

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