Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation | Review

For many years now I have only ever had one foundation reappearing in the walls of my make-up bag and that is MAC studio fix fluid. After a bad experience in my teenage years of using cheap drugstore foundations I have undoubtedly steered well clear ever since. Hearing all the raves about the new Maybelline Fit Me! foundation however finally made me reconsider trying a drugstore foundation again now that my knowledge on make-up has expanded.

 When it comes to reviewing products I always make sure I have tried/tested the products for a substantial period of time and after using this for a few months now I am now ready to share with you my thoughts!

The Pro's -

Medium Coverage - When it comes to coverage I normally will never use anything less than a full thick coverage foundation that hides all my freckles and blemishes. This foundation however makes me change my mind about being caked in foundation - the coverage in my opinion is light to medium - light if you only apply one layer but will easily build up to a medium more fuller looking coverage when applying more. If I am honest it is a breath of fresh air to wear such a lighter weight foundation on my skin, it feels so soft and silky on my skin and for once I don't feel heavily caked up in make-up.

Natural looking - One factor I absolutely love about this foundation is how natural it makes your skin appear but still covers all your blemishes and freckles up. Although I love wearing MAC studio fix fluid it is always so apparent that I have a thick mask of make-up on, however, this foundation is more dewy and fresh looking and doesn't give the impression of a thick caked up face which I love. I apply this foundation with my Real techniques stippling brush and it gives such a perfect flawless finish.

Colour Range - Another good plus with this foundation is the well organised colour range which I must say makes it much easier for you to find your perfect shade. They have divided the shades into "3 shade families" - 100's for fair skin, 200's for medium skin and 300's for dark skin. Once you have selected which shade family best suits you, you then have to decide which undertone your skin mostly is - pink or yellow. Once you have chosen this you will then easily be able to choose which foundation is perfect for you. I brought 3 shades from each of the shade families as my foundation colour changes when I tan or decided to be au natural.

The Con's

Longevity - The only real negative thing I can say about this foundation is that it doesn't last aslong as other foundations and you might find yourself requiring a top me up when it comes to about 4pm! For me it tended to be under my eyes so when applying this foundation I make sure I heavily conceal around the eye area and use some MAC studio fix fluid for extra staying power.  Personally it is not really an issue for me as my whole face of foundation has in no way dissapered and slipped of my face, it just tends to come off easily if you rub your face or anything like that!

Overall I have been really impressed with this foundation, having hated drugstore foundations for years it has finally regained my faith in them and made me willing to give more of them a try in the future! Also for £7 you really can't go wrong!

Have you tried Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation? What are your thoughts?  Let me know!


Beth said...

i love the Fit Me foundation - my thoughts are exactly the same as yours. Its feels so light and natural - but longevity isnt fabulous. I've managed to get round it slightly though and i find using my Loreal primer with Mac's MSF natural over the top sets it and it lasts a couple of hours longer than on its own :) xx

Laura Gemma said...

Ahh does it - I will have to give that a try then :-) I do too really like it - makes me feel so fresh skinned - I just have to be super careful when I'm at work to not rub my eye or catch my foundation on anything as it just seems to slide of so easy lol! xx

Faye said...

great review- I have had my eye on this foundation for a while for everyday use and I think I might just get it now! :) x

Laura Gemma said...

Yeah you should try it babe, its perfect for a natural but flawless everyday foundation :-) xxx

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