MAC Up the Amp | Swatches and Review

 Formula: Amplified - Creamy and Moisturising
Pigmentation: Highly Pigmented
Longevity: Top up required after around 4-6 hours just to freshen the colour up but stays on really well.
Lets be honest walking past the MAC counter without making a single purchase is NOT an easy thing to do for us girls. I can't help but always find an excuse to buy a new make-up purchase even though half of them I really do not need! Anyway - my latest un-necessary but yet totally worthwhile lipstick purchase was MAC Up the amp. I have had my eyes on this lipstick for quite a while now as every lipstick I seem to own tend to be among the pink and red shades and wanted to opt for something different.
The shade in my opinion is a frosty purple - In Mac swatches it looks like a really bright lavender but it has got more of a dark purple tint too it in my opinion. When I put this on I instantly hated it - with my dark brown hair I felt almost a goth - but after tanning up and using lighter eye make-up I am actually starting to like it now!  
It is with out a doubt a gorgeous shade and I must admit the purple tone is now growing on me! As for the formulation - Amplified finish is always one of my favourites as they are always well pigmented and have the right amount of moisture to the lipstick - for those of you who don't know much about MAC lipsticks and the best formula's check out my MAC lipstick post - I did this quite a while ago now but it is worth a read if you are a MAC lipstick virgin.
What do you think about MAC - Up The Amp? Is it your colour or not?

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