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As a tanaholic, fake tan is something that I can never get enough of. It is just a fact that having a tan is an instant pick me up on them dull cold winter days when you are looking as pale as a ghost.
Today, Boxing Day, I crazily decided to go and hit the town to get a glimpse and experience what the Boxing Day sales are truly about. My verdict? STAY AWAY. Pushing, shoving, ques as long as the shop and being squashed together like sardines is really not my kind of thing all in the aid of a bargain! I did however manage to swerve the madness in boots (a more calmer atmosphere than anywhere else) and found some lovely tan bargains!  

Boots currently have a half price sale on nearly all their Christmas gift sets so when I spotted these beauties upon the pile I had to make a purchase. I brought 2 gift sets : Bronzed Glow and Gradual Glow, the bronzed glow being £12.50 and the Gradual Glow being £10 so a bargain when you consider the Bronzing Mousse alone normally retails at £15 on its own!

Having previously tried and used St.Tropez,  I have only ever had good things to say about their tanning range. Streak-free, gorgeous golden brown colour, not as smelly as typical tanners and has a good staying power. The only reason I don't repurchase St.Tropez is simply because I find the price tag a bit hefty when there are other equally as good tanners for half the price!

On the left is what the gradual tanner looks like and right is what the bronzing mousse looks like.

^^Here is what the bronzing mousse looks when applied -  a gorgeous bronze colour.

Preparing skin before applying tan

Before applying your tan a crucial step that can not be missed out of your tanning routine is "skin preparation", this will determine how good your tan will look and how long it lasts. First things first is exfoliation, this is to get rid of all your dead skin so that when you apply your tan it will be streak free and apply nice and evenly. Simply scrub your skin in the shower with an exfoliating mitt and a body scrub. This should be done 24 hours before tan application and only 2/3 times. After exfoliation you then are going to need to moisturise your skin, paying special attention to dry areas such as knees, elbows. This will ensure that your tan is even and not darker on dry areas.

Many tanning ranges have their own tan optimisers - ( a body scrub and moisturiser) but there are plenty of other good cosmetic ranges that do the same products but without a hefty price tag. I swear by Soap and Glory's body butter and body scrub - they come in 300ml jars and last me a good few months when using them on a regular basis.

Overall I do love St.Tropez, I think there fake tans are really reliable and always guarantee you with a gorgeous bronze streak-free tan. Although the price is not too extortionate compared to other tans on the market, I do feel that for me however it is still a little bit too steep - especially when you are using it on a regular basis.

Have you ever tried St.Tropez? What are your opinions? I would love to hear what you think.

Lots of Love,

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Anonymous said...

St tropez instant bronzer is brill, its the only instant tan i have found doesnt clog ur pores n is suitable for ur face and body all in one tube :) i always wear a fake tan of sum kind but if m in a hurry n need a little top up i just pop this instant bronzer on n it works a treat. Definitely recomend it :) x

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