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As an obsessive long hair lover, I have decided to do a post dedicated to one of my favourite topics - HAIR and more specifically hair extensions! I have been using hair extensions for about 4/5 years now so have tried and tested many brands and methods. Here I will share with you some do's, dont's and advice about purchasing hair extensions :-)

Here is my hair with pre-bonded 18inch hair extensions -^^ 
Here is my hair with pre-bonded hair extensions after 3 months with 2 inches cut off so about 16 inches.

^^ Invisi- fusion hair extensions 20 inch (left) ^^ clip in CHEAP hair extensions(right) as you can see the ends are thin - not good quality hair extensions                                                                             
What type of hair should I buy?

When choosing the hair type you should always go for Remy human hair or virgin Remy hair. This is the best quality human hair as the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped unlike non Remy human hair. Virgin Remy hair is even better than Remy as this is basically untouched hair that has not been dyed or come in contact with any chemicals.

Hair Quality -

When it comes to buying extensions the number 1 most important factor that determines good quality hair extensions for me is the quality of hair. This should always be Remy human hair or virgin Remy hair - but be careful there are many companies around claiming they are selling 100% pure Remy hair when they are not! Now first of all never determine good quality hair by simply opening a packet and feeling the softness of the hair - as 9 times out of 10 all newly purchased extensions feel gorgeous and soft.

Here a few indications that can point out if your hair extensions aren't 100% Remy -
  • If you are using a straightening iron or curler on your hair extensions and they start to melt or smell burnt
  • If your hair extensions are starting to matte and tangle easy
  • If they look that shinny that they look synthetic
  • If you look closely at the hair extensions you can sometimes see random strays of cotton and other odd bits of hair
  • If the hair sheds and falls out from the weft/bond.

If you are unsure what length to get here is a picture to show you where abouts your hair will come up to - I always opt for 18/20 inches as I always wear my hair curly and once the hair extensions are curled the hair looses about 1/2 inches depending on the tightness of curls!

 What brands of extensions do you recommend?
The two best quality brands I have came across so far are firstly if you are looking for pre-bonds then try and go on to 1gram 18inch Remy tips - My pre-bonds lasted around 4 months and could have easily been re-used the hair was amazing quality.
Secondly Sleek Virgin Remy hair extensions - I had these in using invisi fushion method and my hair has lasted 3 months so far and still looking amazing but you can buy the hair and sew clips on if that's your preferred method.
I have also heard really good things about HeadKandy clip-in hair extensions so these might be the next one's I try!
If you want to know more about the 2 semi-permanent methods I have tried you can read the separate reviews I have done -

 Let me know what you think of hair extensions! Do you have a favourite brand/method?
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