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In January this year I did a post titled 21 wishes - about goals and things that I wanted to achieve by my 21st Birthday -which is 5th April 2013, however I think I am going to re-name this to New Years resolutions as I never did manage to think of 21 things! Anyway here is my original list of things I wished to achieve and here is what I have managed to complete/achieve.

1. Get a piercing - I only have my ears pierced and have ALWAYS wanted my belly done but been too scared :((
- UNCOMPLETED - I still have not managed to do this - 1. because I am petrified of needles and 2. because to be honest I really don't know what I want pierced, initially I wanted my belly done but after thinking about it I am not sure if I like that and want that now!
2. Pass my first year of university and do well next year (as it counts).
- COMPLETED - YAY - I successfully passed my first year and now onto my second year, so this is where the real hard work takes place!
3. Do a charity sponsored run for breast cancer - since my mum got diagnosed I have always wanted to help do my bit my raising money and awareness.
- COMPLETED - Ahh I finally did it and most amazingly of all WITH my mum! We not only manged to do the 10k race for life but we ran all the way and did it in 1 hour and 10 minutes which is amazing without any training! I was so proud and happy.
 4. Go on a girls holiday - Just to experience going away with my friends.
- COMPLETED - After a big discussion with my boyfriend I finally got to go on a girls holidays! - He was not too happy bless him but hey I am a 20 year old girly in a serious relationship - I know its hard when you know your partner is going to a mad singles resort but you need to have trust in your relationship - I was no way going for that I was going for the experience and to have fun with my friends! In the end I went to Ibiza and I am SO glad I went and experienced it, I had an amazing time and I am well and truly in love with Ibiza

5. Pass my driving test - hopefully 3rd time lucky!
COMPLETED - As they say "3rd time lucky", it seemed to be that way for me as I FINALLY passed my driving test! Everyone said to me prior that there is no feeling compared to passing your driving test and I can honestly say they were right, that day was one of my happiest days EVER not because I was so eager to drive it was more the fact that I had failed 2 times previous and was so determined to succeed and pass! I could not stop smiling in happiness and disbelief that I had passed for the rest of the day! 
    6. Dye my hair lighter
    COMPLETED - I finally took the plunge and not only dyed my hair lighter but went all blondie in the summer! It was a nice change but I am a brunette at heart!

    7. Open a savings account and actually save money up.
    - UNCOMPLETED - Let's be honest 3 holidays, driving lessons, extensions, weekends aways -  was it ever going to happen?
8. Start planning my travelling year!! - always wanted to see the world
-UNCOMPLETED -  Having got 1 and half more years of my degree and a year teaching training this seems so far off so unfortunately I have not started planning!

9. Go the gym or work out twice a week ( at least)
-COMPLETED - YAY this is quite a recent event to take place but I have FINALLY signed up and joined a gym!
10. Gain some work experience
-UNCOMPLETED - This unfortunately I have not done but I am determined to get back on this and find some! I have a 6 week placement at a private school in April but realistically I need something where I go in a school once a week!

11. Have a car... so this is as long as I pass my test!!
- COMPLETED - Ok so this is the only picture I have and its my boyfriend washing my car ha ha but yay I have a car! Luckily my dad got a new car, so he gave his old one to my mum and my mum kindly gave me her KA! Originally I said I would drive nothing but a mini cooper but that was so unrealistic and I got in the real world - but hey I will get my mini one day!

12. Be organised...have a uni timetable and stick to it.
UNCOMPLETED - Unfortunately I have still not done this - slacker!

13. Start playing Piano again - I miss playing the piano so much.
UNCOMPLETED - This is still something I really want to do but my piano is currently in the garage so I need to save up for an upright keyboard I think!

14. Get some pre-bond extensions (this is one of those materialistic wishes) BUT I have wanted these for so long. *must save
COMPLETED - It broke the bank but I finally got these!

Overall, When I look back I am so proud of what I have achieved and done this year, in general it has been an amazing year and I am so excited to see what 2013 brings!
What have you achieved this year?
I would love to see your 2012 achievement posts and new years resolutions so leave a comment below!
Lots of love


Hazel Fisher said...

GOT INTO UNI :D well done babe, loved reading this post xoxoxo

Laura Gemma said...

Aww yay :-) ahh thanks babe, Laura xox

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