Life is better with a tan ...

Now I am back at uni I can officially say I am missing the full-time wage that I endured in the summer so much! As a newbie driver, I am now in reality of how much it actually costs for a car to run, insurance, Mot, petrol, tax ... and so my bank balance is really having a battering lately, which is making me feel so down in the dumps, especially as Christmas is approaching!

Sundays are always such a dull, quiet, usually hangover consumed day, however, today I was hangover free so decided to take a trip to Leicester to do a spot of shopping (window) unfortunately. Now winter is upon us I finally find it acceptable to look pale, something that I never thought would have happened as I am such a tanaholic. I must admit I do miss looking tanned so I caved in and brought a bottle of St.Moritz as having a tan ALWAYS makes you feel better.

 St.Moriz self-tan lotion - Having always used the mousse form of this tan I thought I would finally buy the lotion form as although I love the mousse, using it frequently tends to dry my skin out and I heard the lotion is much better for dry prone skin. This tan is amazing though, cheap, no streaks and gorgeous colour!

Argan Oil - I have heard so much about this Argan Oil that I felt rather intrigued to purchase a bottle to see if it actually does do any wonders. It has a  multi-purpose function as it can be used for both hair and skin. It says that is keeps your hair"strong and healthy" and protects your skin from "wrinkles, acne, dry skin". Hum, we shall see! I shall keep you updated on what my thoughts are on this.

Oil of Aloe Anti wrinkle day cream - Ok so I know I don't really need wrinkle cream as I am only 20 years old, but I always like to apply a moisturise cream before my foundation as I tend to have quite dry skin so this adds a bit more dewiness into my foundation and also always keeps my skin soft! I payed a £1 for this at Bodycare so its a bargain!

Hope everyone is ok!
Lots of love,

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