DIY : Tie-dye studded shorts ♥

After clearing out my wardrobe the other day it felt such a shame have to waste so many unwanted clothes, so I put my creative head on and decided to customise a pair of old white 3/4 trousers I had and turn them into a pair of gorgeous flamingo pink tie-dye studded shorts - PERFECT for next summer!
Here is the finished article :

If you have some old white shorts or old trousers you want to make into a pair of shorts then read my small tutorial of how I achieved these!

STEP 1 -
Find a pair of old trousers/shorts that you no longer want.

STEP 2 -
If like mine they are not short length you are going to need to cut them to short size, If you don't know how short you want them maybe try them on first and mark where you want to cut. Make sure when you cut them you cut to a diagonal edge like how I have done in this picture. This creates the perfect look.

STEP 3 -
To get them even on each side - fold the shorts over onto the side that isn't cut then use this as a guideline for your next cut.

STEP 4 -
You then want to create a worn, fray look on the bottom of the shorts, to achieve this simply pull on loose threads.

STEP 5 -
When you have done that on both sides they should then look similar to this.
 STEP 6-
Fill a bucket about half way with warm water. Then add the littlest sprinkle of your dye, ( make sure it is a little as you want to go from light to dark). I am using DYLON dye in flamingo pink.

Submerge the whole of your shorts in the first lot of dyed water - leave for a few minutes then take out and rinse though in cold water.
 STEP 8-
Add a few more sprinkles of the dye to your water and this time put half of the shorts into the bucket, remember to keep the bottom section of your shorts out of the water as you want this to be the lightest shade. Then add a few more sprinkles of dye to your water and put the top quarter of your shorts into this, this way you will achieve 3 different tones to your shorts.

For extra detail I wanted to add some studs as I can not get enough of studded items at the moment. I brought these of Ebay for about £3. It was hard to get a picture of how to stud these but it really is easy.
The studs will come with 4 sharp edges. Pierce the stud with the 4 sharp edges onto your shorts then simply take a knife and bend the edges backwards so that they are secured onto your shorts.

This is the finished article! :-) 

Hope you liked my short tutorial on how to get vamp up an old item of clothing ready for the summer!  Any questions please feel free to ask.



LaBellaVida said...

This is so pretty! I've been thinking about doing this to a pair of ripped pink jeans i have!

Thanks for sharing :).

Laura Gemma said...

Ahh you should babe, its so easy to do and a good way to just re-use clothes you don't wear/like anymore!

Shame i'll be waiting till summer until these will be making an appearence lol.

Laura xox

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