An amazing box dye and my love for a lipstick ♥

I have been dying to dye my hair for absolutely ages now, I don't know about you but I HATE it when your hair gets to that faded washed out brown look that is just screaming out for a fresh coat of colour. When it comes to box dyes I must admit I do not have my wholly grail go to brand and I think this is purely down to the fact none have failed to amaze me that much that I want to buy that pacific brand over and over again?
My favourite brand up until now that I have loved however is L'oreal Casting Creme, this is purely because they are ammonia free, semi-permanent and the colour selection is amazing. The only fault I do have about these dyes though is that the colour on the packet NEVER turns out to be what it its OK if the colour that comes out is what you like but bad if you was hoping for the colour on the packet!
I wanted a bit of a change to my hair, yes change again - I have only been brown, blonde, light brown, red, dark brown this year so far!? I decided I missed having a hint of redness into my hair so I took the plunge and brought this box dye.

I can honestly say that this dye is amazing and my 3 reasons are as follows :

1. I have never come across a hair dye that has a prep step. This one contains a nourishing balm you apply to your hair before dying to protect it and keep it shinny and in good condition.
2. The dye came out exactly as it was shown on the packet (this never happens!)
3. My hair is in the best condition ever and smells absolutely gorgeous thanks to the leave in conditioner balm!

After using this hair dye, I must say I would definitely use a box dye from this range again as it really did impress me. *thumbs up*

Where has this lipstick been hiding all my life!?
I am getting to that stage where ALL of my lipsticks are hitting pan at the moment *sad times*,  and with no pennies in the bank I felt it was time to search through my collection of lipsticks and start using up the ones I rarely touch. This colour immediately stood out to me, a pink (of course).

MAC Chatterbox lipstick - Amplified finish - it is described as a bright, red-pink with an amplified creme finish. It is definitely really pigmented and vibrant but I would say it is more of a rosy pink - it is really easy to wear and looks great with natural make-up. The finish is Amplified and I must say this is one of my favourite finishes due to the fact they tend to be really pigmented, glossy and more nourishing than some of the other MAC finishes. 

FINALLY... I took my extensions out the other day, look how long my hair is naturally! I did not even realise this as it has been a while since I have been Au natural!

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

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