Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash/Mask

Last week for the first time in a while, my face decided to have an almighty outbreak of spots to just top off my down week *insert sad face* - OK so they were not that bad, but being mostly clear skinned all my life, having spots is a rare occurrence for me so this is why I had to take immediate action...

As i was rooting through my many draws stashed with all the beauty cosmetics you could think of, I stumbled across this old gem that I had completely forgot about...

 Neutrogena visibly clear 2-in-1 wash/mask - £3.89 -
I think every blogger has come across this product at some point in their blogging history but I still felt the need to make a small post to just highlight how much I do love this product! Now I know that this product does not suit and work for everyone but I think this will be down to skin type and the severity of your spots. My skin type is normal and my spots are just general blackheads and whiteheads, no achne spots.
You can use this product in two ways - either as an everyday facial wash or you can build it up and leave it on as a mask which is really great.
I chose to  use it as a face mask - left it on for a good five minutes and then wash off with warm water. What I love about this product is the tingly sensation it gives you, it makes you feel like it is getting to work and helping your skin straight away.

Makes your skin instantly feel refreshed
Will help unblock your pores
Small price for the quantity (it will last you ages)
Best suited for combination/oily skin
Can be quite drying if used frequently on normal/dry skin
Overall, I really like this product, it's great to use to help get rid of those small break-outs and will instantly make you and your skin feel refreshed. You can also use this product as the famous toothpaste re placer and just dot this on your spots before you go to sleep and leave it on them overnight - this will help dry your spots out and unblock your pores instantly.
*scary* but mask on, no make-up, hair tied back!
Have you tried Neutrogena's Visible Clear 2 in 1 wash/mask? Let me know your thoughts!
Lots of Love,

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