Pre-bonded Hair extensions.

I have had quite alot of emails lately asking various questions about my pre-bonded hair extensions so I have decided to make a post dedicated to them so you can know the ins and outs about them.

What type of hair extensions are they?

As you will know there are various methods of having semi-permanent hair extensions applied to your hair nowdays - Weaves, glued, micro-ring, raptures - to name a few! The one's I have had put in are called "pre-bonded hair extensions" - If you look in the above picture this is what they look like before they have been applied to your hair, they are individual strands of hair with Keratin nail tips at the top of them.
How are they put in?

The hair extensions are applied to small strands of your natural hair using a heat connector which melts the glue bond around your hair. *it sounds really scary and damaging talking about glue and heat, as they are both something that are not by any means good for your hair, but with the right after-care you can still keep your hair in good condition!*

How long do they last?

They can last anything from 3-6 months, providing they are still in good condition and not causing any damage or strain to your hair. Once they start to matte at the top of your bond where your new hair is growing through I would advise to get them out!

How much do they cost?

The hair can cost anything from £60 - £200 depending on what kind of quality of hair you want. Obviously in most cases the more you pay, the better the hair quality will be and this will then reflect on how long they will last. I paid £120 for my hair and although it sounds alot of money, it is worth to pay that extra bit for better hair quality! Then you have the fitting of them which will vary on hairstylists rates.

My opinion on them :

Thick gorgeous long hair
Look natural when hair is up as the bonds aren't too visible
No messing about clipping extensions in to get ready on a night out

High maintenance - take ages to dry/style
Can only really wash your hair 2/3 times a week
Headaches/itchy scalp - This all depends how many you have put in though - obviously if you only have a few this should not be too bad!

When I first had them done, although I LOVED my new long thick glossy locks  and they looked amazing- they felt so heavy on my scalp and I felt really uncomfortable with them. I had over about 175+ bonds put in my hair which is very very thick and although I love the thickness, you should only really get how many your hair will be able to cope with otherwise this will cause alot of strain and damage to your hair. You will also have endless headaches and be very comfortable so make sure you check with your hairdresser to see how many they advise you first! They also are so so high maintenance, on an average it takes atleast 30 minutes to dry them - then theres styling them and on days you can not be bothered it just feels like so much effort. I would advise people who wear there hair up to just steer well clear as they will not be worth it and you can not just shove your hair up in a high bun like you can with natural hair, you get hair-ache!! If you wear your hair down everyday and can gradually adapt this routine into your lifestyle, you will love them! You no longer have to mess about clipping extensions in on a night out and you have permernantly long thick hair which is great! Also they feel really secure in your hair which is another good plus!
Here is what my hair extensions looks like --

Another thing I would mention with pre-bonds is as long as you get good after-care and make sure you regularly separate the bonds they shouldn't ruin your hair - but unfortunately after about 2 and 1/2 months mine got all matted and tangled together so was a real pain when getting out!

What type of extensions do you prefer?
Let me know your thoughts!
Laura xx

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your beautiful baby the most inspirational person i know your amazing all my love always lucas x x x x x x

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