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For those of you that are unaware MAC run a scheme called ' Back to M.A.C' where once you have finished 6 products and have the empty containers, you simply take them back and receive a free lipstick :-)
I never knew about this until recently when my friend told me and although I trust my friends word I still was slightly unsure to whether it was true as it is just not publicised anywhere?? But i can confirm yes it is true yayyyy so be sure to keep all your empties!! I had 12 empty foundation bottles!! So got myself 2 new lipsticks...
I chose Costa chic and Creme cup...

 Costa chic ^^
Creme cup ^

I absolutely love costa chic, it is one of my favourite pinks it is so pigmented and has a real shine about it, I can not believe I have only just found this lipstick - GREAT for a night out.

Creme cup - This is more of a nude day time colour, although this is a lovely colour - Shy girl is still my favourite and I just can't seem to like any other nude accept it!

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

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