Product Rave || Palmer's cocoa butter gradual tanner ♥

Not so long ago, my friend would not stop raving about a new tanning product she discovered -

"Palmer's cocoa butter formula - Natural Bronze body lotion - Gradual tanning moisturizer"
So I will admit, straight away the fact that it was a gradual tanner completely put me off, as an obsessive fake tanner and having previously tried gradual tans and giving them the thumbs down, I just thought there was no way this would be any different and that it would give any sign of a gorgeous bronzed glow.

Boy how wrong was I ... As soon as I applied this to my skin the smell was the first thing I noticed... it smells like choconut ... (coconut and chocolate mixed together) it may not sound nice but believe me it is gorgeous!! The next thing was how soft and moisturised it made my skin, it made it look so flawless and fresh. So the tan? well giving that its a gradual tanner it is never going to be as dark and bronzed as I am usually use to after one application, but I DID however notice a difference in skin colour, a slight bronzed colour appearing on my skin which looked so natural and lovely. Since discovering this beauty I have not completely converted to a gradual tanner... that will never happen ha - But I have incorporated this into my tanning routine by using this before I apply a layer of St.Moritz and it makes my tan look so much more flawless. If you look at the 2nd picture above, my hand colour gives an indication of my tan.

I will 100% be purchasing this when I run out, its a big thumbs up for me!
What are your favourite gradual tanners?
Laura xox

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