21 wishes.

Something that has been playing on my mind quite a lot lately is the fact that it is my 20th birthday this year...jeeze where have the years gone? Now to most people, the response I get when stressing that this is a BIG deal is 'oh my god i'd love to be 20 again' but to me I feel like im kissing goodbye to them much loved teenage years, ending and era and have my 'teen' status removed. As much as it relieves me to sound a bit maturer by being 20, it still absolutely scares the hell out of me that ten years further to this I will be 30 :O wowzaaa! Life really does fly by... so this is why I have made the decision to start a list of 21 things I wish to do/achieve before I am 21!! :-) Now something will be serious, others may be a bit light hearted and for fun :))

21 wishes
1. Get a piercing - I only have my ears pierced and have ALWAYS wanted my belly done but been too scared :((
2. Pass my first year of university and do well next year (as it counts).
3. Do a charity sponsered run for breast cancer - since my mum got diagnosed I have always wanted to help do my bit my raising money and awareness.
4. Go on a girls holiday - Just to experience going away with my friends.
5. Pass my driving test - hopefully 3rd time lucky!

    6. Dye my hair lighter

    7. Open a savings account and actually save money up.

8. Start planning my travelling year!! - always wanted to see the world

9. Go the gym or work out twice a week ( atleast)

10. Gain some work experience

11. Have a car... so this is aslong as I pass my test!!

12. Be organised...have a uni timetable and stick to it.

13. Start playing Piano again - I miss playing the piano so much.

14. Get some microbond extensions (this is one of those materialistic wishes) BUT I have wanted these for so longg. *must save

I really can not thing of anymore wishes yet - or things I want to achieve so this post is going to be one I add to no doubtedly! Let me know what your wishes are!

Laura xox

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NatashaJanesWorld said...

what a good idea ! I know what you mean, time really does fly by now I'm older! scary stuff- i want to stay young forever haha x

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