GLAM eyelashes.

Let me introduce you to my absolute FAVOURITE pair of eyelashes. Volume? check. Length? check. Glamour? double check. Since discovering fake eyelashes, I have explored many different brands, my favourite brand though is eylure. They offer an amazing range to suit everyone's personal taste and the quality of the eyelashes are of a high standard too. The 202 double lashes are my must have's, although I have never personally needed to wear 2 pairs of eyelashes as mine are already naturally long, the pre-bonded double lashes give such an intense glamorous look that you will never want to return to single eyelashes....unless your opting for a more day time look :-)

They are avalible at most drug stores and cost around £.7.00. Pretty expensive for one night eh? But if you maintain them, i.e clean them, take the old glue off and take them off properly you can get a few uses out of them :-) so no need to buy a new pair of lashes for every night out.

Here is a picture of me wearing my lashes on a night out! :-)

What are your favourite lashes?
Laura xox

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