A guide to MAC lipsticks.

MAC lipsticks = wowza/essential.

Here are a my lovely MAC lipsticks, now some are missing to my collection as its payday tomorrow and I have not repurchased yet, so for now I will guide you around these ones! First thing you need to make note of when buying MAC lipsticks is the finish. There are many finishes MAC offers and in my opinion not all of the finishes are to my taste and have the right lasting finish that I prefer :)

MATTE - This basically means there is no-shine to the lipstick, the colour is really visible however they do tend to try up your lips the most.

CREMESHEEN - This finish is one of my favourite for day time use. Creamy, good coverage with a nice shine, leaving your lips feel nice and moist.

GLAZE - This finish is very sheer and glossy, although these lipsticks do appear pretty when first applied, they do not last very long at all.

AMPLIFIED - I really rate this finish, perfect for a night out when you want a medium to high coverage but with a little gloss.

SATIN - This finish is very similar to the matte finish however adds that slight bit of sheen to keep your lips moisturized.

LUSTURE- For me this finish is my least favourite. The finish is similar to a glaze, but much more glossy. Glaze and lusture finishes are great if you just want a little pick me up of colour though.

Now for a run through of the shades from left to right of the lipsticks from above ^^

REBEL - A dark purple satin finish lipstick with long lasting finish perfect for a night out.
CYNDI LAUPER LIMITED EDITION- A rasberry red with a glossy finish.
IMPPASSIONED - A bright pinky/purple amplified finish, lovely and long lasting for a night out.
PINK NOUEVEAU- This is a nice satin pink lipstick, great coverage and finish.
SAINT GERMAIN - This is your barbie of all lipsticks. Bright pink amplified finish.
PLEASE ME - A lovely matte nude pink. Full coverage with a very matte finish.
RAVISHING - My favourite daytime lipstick. A nudey orange. Lovely,creamy with a good coverage.
HUE- Another essential nude, Glaze finish so more glossy and sheer but still a lovely colour.

** Another nude that I do not have on here is myth. Gorgeous satin finish, which stays on for hours!

Hope you like my overview of MAC lipsticks, if you have any questions feel free to ask!
Laura xox

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