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A couple a months ago in a hotel bathroom in Sheffield, I decided to dye my hair with a box dye after realising my newly purchased hair extensions were slightly more purple than red, and as I was there for a night out... I needed a quick fix!
I picked up the Live Colour XXL Mystic Violet 87 in a bid to tint my hair just a little bit more purple. *For those of you that have heard of this range of hair dye, they are suppose to be a real gem if you want gorgeous bright hair. They mostly specify in bright colours such as red, purple, blue and blonde. However after knowing box dye colours never turn out to what they appear on the packet, I stupidly thought this would be the case with this one...boy was I WRONG!!

I left it on for about 10 minutes, I think normally you're suppose to leave it on for 20 minutes but as I was so anxious having not used this brand previously, I didn't want to risk a hair disaster before going out! So the result?

*Total fail/complete hair disaster/ Purply MESS* :-(
So firstly let me say, if you are looking for a bright purple colour then yes this brand is amazing! ^^ Half the develop time and it still managed to turn out BRIGHT purple. ( see how it even matches my throw on my bed!) But me being stupid thought it would just give my hair a slight tint :-)
My hair recovery process... After already having my hair bleach bathed this year, I didn't want to kill my hair anymore than it already had been but yet I was desperate for the purple to fade so I could get it back to a reddy brown. After reading endless tips on the web the one that I found worked like a miracle was "Head and shoulders". I applied this sparingly all over my head, left for 10 minutes a time for 2 weeks and the after results??
Ok so yes - it is still purple! But if you compare the 2 pictures over just 2 weeks for me it was a BIG difference...and as I continued to use Head and Shoulders, the more my brown hair crept through! :-)

Lots of love,

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