Glamorous BIG hair - Simple.

One compliment I have found myself recieving oh so often at the moment isn't about my make-up, isn't about my clothes but infact my hair... over the last few years my hair has gone from scraped back tight horrific up-do ponytail, to straight no volume boring hair to finally something that I can now be quite smiley about "Cheryl Cole inspired glamorous bighair ":-)

I now have turned to an obsessive back comber, never leaving the house without a comb and hairspray at reach. Yes, i know, *pretty sad* but the big hair mania has hit me.
To achieve this gorgeous look follow these simple steps.

1) Start of by sectioning your hair as you usually would to straighten it with straigtening irons. ( I am going to section my hair into 2 divides - Layers and bottom section of hair) However instead of making it uber straight, curl half way down the hair. You can either use GHDs or curlers to do this, I usually opt for both so that the curls are slightly different, but remember to keep them quite big curls, instead of tight small ones.

2) When you have done all the bottom sector of your hair, you want to make the top layer slightly curved just use your straightening irons to curl round the ends of your layers (if you have them) .

3) Now to the finishing touches, take a comb and start back combing in sections under your hair * remember to back comb under the hair- you still want the top of your hair to look sleek and shinny :) After each section you back comb make sure you spray it with hair spray continue this all the way around your hair until you have lots of volume.

4) Give your hair a final layer of hairspray all over your so your curls will remain intact.

And after all that you should be doneee :-) ! Hope this helps...x

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