Never give up on your dreams...*

Dream - an achievement that is longed for; an aspiration.

Dreaming is believing and believing is DOING!
Ever since I've been a beauty obsessed teenager with my head stuck in the likes of Glamour, More! and Look magazine all i've been dreaming of since, is that one day i'll be able to open that magazine and see my name dazzling in the small print under a page spread of an amazing feature of some sort. O.K so maybe I'am living in a dream world some might say, but someone has to do that job right? ... and where a passion lies, the enthusiastic hard working, I will never give up moto comes with it too, and thats me.

In my opinion you can do anything if you want it so bad, throughout the knock backs, the negative comments, the I told you so's from the people who don't believe in you, keeping your head held high along the way and never giving up is the only way you will ever be able to persue that dream of yours. Believing in your self is key, and working hard is something that needs to come second nature to you. Nothing in this world is given to you on a plate. Everything is out there, you just have to work for it and chase it.

From a girl who use to get bullied, confidence had hit the floor and has been through their fair share of low moments in life, I've now managed to pick myself back up, ignoring the haters, leaving behind the people I don't need in my life and doing what makes me happy. I love writing and no one in this world can take that away from me.

Believe in me there's always something waiting for you at the end of the tunnel aslong as you put the effort in :) ok it wont happen instantly at a click of a fingers, it could take months, years, but eventually you'll get there. I've lost count of how many letters and emails I've sent to magazine companys in a bid of gaining some necessary work experience in hope that I can make some contacts and get into the world of journalism that way. Throught the knock backs I haven't gave up though, its just made me stronger and even more determind to get where I want to be.

Laura xo

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