My Foundation and Bronzer Routine ♥

I frequently get emails and tweets asking me what make-up I use on a day to day basis so I thought to save time anwsering you all I would do an updated make-up routine so here are my recommendations, tips and advice :)

A full coverage foundation -

To achieve a nice even full coverage foundation that stays on ALL day I use MAC studio fix fluid, this foundation is one of the best full coverage ones around in my opinion and unlike others I never find myself having to do top ups come 5pm after a long day. ((If you are someone who likes a more natural dewy look then beware this definately isn't a foundation for you!)) I like a coverage that stays on all day and more importantly covers all my blemishs and freckles so that's why I like this look!!

MAC is also good for its shade ranges, having tonnes of different shades. I'm generally a NC35, which is about a medium tone, but if I was to have no fake tan on I would be a NC15 - which is the lightest shade they do and to be fair if you do have real pale white skin this probably still would be a bit dark for you as I have heard from other girls!

If you go in store they will happily match you up so make sure you get the correct colour first so you don't end up spending your money on a foundation not matched to your skin.

* I also would highly recommend the MAC studio tech plus compact, its very similar to the mac studio fix coverage wise but obviously instead of a liquid formula its a solid compact, its nice and handy to put in your bag for nights out instead of taking a glass bottle!

Bronzer -

Naturally without make-up I have rosey red cheeks which I really don't like on me - so this is my main reason I choose to wear bronzer rather than a blusher.

One of my favourite bronzers is again a MAC product which comes as a compact with a built in mirror. It's great for nights out where if your anything like me - have my whole contents of my make-up bag at reach in my bag for when I need to them necessary top ups when I see myself in the toilet mirrors!

For an extra shimmery shine along your cheek bones - which takes your make-up look instantly to a stunning night time look I use MAC iridescent powder in Golden bronze. * Beware this stuff goes absolutely everywhere if you are not careful ! So I wouldn't recommend taking it out in your bag :) Another bronzer I would highly recommend if you like a nice sheer matte finish is Benefits Hoola. Its a nice day time matte bronzer and not too in your face :)

Heres a price list of how much all this costs just incase you are wondering :) -
MAC studio fix fluid - £19.50
* please note that pumps are sold seperatly for an extra couple of £ . MAC studio tech foundation - £19.50 MAC brozing powder - matte bronze - £17.50
MAC iridescent powder - golden bronze - £17.50

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