Katie Piper - My beautiful friends

Katie Piper - My beautiful friends - What a massive insperation. From the minute she released her documentary "My beautiful face" 2 years ago I couldn't help but feel so much pain and heartache for this girl. I'm sure you all know her story; Gorgeous, talented, well brought up girl, with a bright future ahead - then one day attacked my a stranger who threw sulphuric acid in her face.

To watch her story really did put into perspective the reality of how your life can change in a matter of moments, at a click of a finger, and this really makes me treasure the important things in life i.e my health and the people around me. You never think anything like that is going to happen to you, you never think it will be you that will be struck down with the dreaded C word or have your life shattered in a few moments but in fact it could happen to any of us. What I idolise about Katie the most is how she has managed to re-build her life, her confidence and not only go on to build a successful charity "The Katie Piper Foundation" but is now helping other people in similar situations. The charity aims to help other support for burnt victims or people suffering with facial disfigurement. I still think Katie is beautiful inside and out, to me beauty isn't just the outside which is stereotypically what people think, it really is the inside too and she seems like such a lovely kind hearted person. The Katie Piper Foundation really is an amazing charity so go and have a look :) !

And finally always remember that bad things won't always be bad. They will be hard, frustrating and there will be days when you feel at rock bottom, but a bad situation is somehow turning it in to a better one and looking at the more postive aspects *even if it is hard to see them at first glance.

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