New year, new start bla di bla di blahhh !

Soooo - After months of putting off my youtube and blog, I finally have found the motivation and the confidence to come back. *yay* I've had so much crap from all this that I really got to the stage last year where I just thought enough was enough, I was so fed up off all the laughter that I was becoming to everyone and all the constant bullying and abuse I was getting from people I knew.

Butttt ! Confidence and maturity has got the better of me and I LOVE doing this so nothings going to stop me now :) (( for how long???)) ...
Soo a *small* update... which we all know with me will not be small by any means :) hehe.
- I now have a boyfriend!! *yay* All i'll say is that I am in such a happy place right now. I really have found someone I truely love so much - My best friend. So here's a little picture I will share with you guys of me and Lucas on holiday :

- Secondly, Uni didn't go to plan - To cut it short it was a total nightmare!! I hated my course - Journalism, I hated the area - Northampton and I just hated being away from home! On the the postive it really did teach me so much for the short while I was there. I realised the grass really isnt always greener on the other side. I have so much at home that I really didnt realise until I had moved away. I mean ok, Leicester isn't the most amazing city in the world ... but compared to Northampton it was a million dollars ha ha. I've realised I have plenty of time in the future to move away. So for now, I am staying put in Leicester and going back to uni in September to study to be a teacher * yay* !
Hum so I think that's everything for now. wow *scrolls up* that was actually quite breif for me!
Anyways, Keep a look out for my new posts and stuff :) I'll try to do atleast 1 video a week and a blog update twice :) Depending on how much time I get free.
Thanks for subscribing everyone! :)
Lots of love.
Laura xox

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