REVIEW : Revlon Photoready foundation.

I feel like everybody has been talking about this product lately, so having finally being able to get my hands on it, I can now tell you whether it meets all the hype and postive feedback that it has been getting! The Pro's -

Light/Medium Coverage - This foundation is so smooth and soft, blending really nicely into the skin, I usually feel heavily caked in make-up when I am wearing MAC but this felt like a nice change being so much lighter and smoother. The coverage is obviously not as full as to what I am use to, showing a few of my freckles through, but if you want to achieve a more fuller coverage, this can soon be fixed by using a little concealer to cover up any flaws. This foundation alone won't cover up all of your flaws (if you have any) but it will give you a nice medium coverage.

Longevity - For me, I like a foundation that lasts the majority of the day so that I don't find myself having to re apply come lunch time! This like all the other foundations (MAC) stays on right until the end of my working day, where if I was to go out after, would need to touch up my t-zone and under my eyes.

Colour - Sometimes I find that with drugstore foundations the range of colours can be quite limited and hard to match to your skin colour - hence why I use MAC as they offer such a wide range of colours! Photoready comes in 12 different shades starting from ivory to mocha. I picked up "Natural Beige" as I am a constant fake tan user, and this matched really well.


"The sparkle factor" - So I heard a lot of people mention and debating their thoughts on the whole "shimmer/sparkle" factor that runs through this foundation. When I tested this out in the shop on my hand under the bright lights - it was very apparent and clear that there was shimmer and sparkle in this foundation. However it looked somewhat flattering so I still went ahead and brought it to see how it then appeared on the skin.

When I tested it in bright lights/sun - shimmer does appear and can be seen, but in dull everyday lighting i.e the UK! - it can not be seen. For me, I think that the glitter factor isn't really too much of an issue - unless people start telling me I have glitter all over my face! Then I will definetely be changing my mind!

*I tried to take a picture to show you, but hence the "flawless photo effect" that it is suppose to give, it isn't detectable on photos - and I think that is the whole point. My skin just looked flawless and nice!

Overall - When I first read about this foundation I wasn't too sure if I would like it as being a complete full coverage foundation fan, lighter coverage tends to show my freckles through, which usually, I like well covered up. At the moment I really like this foundation and feel totally converted to a lighter/medium coverage that feels gorgeous on my skin. The shimmer factor? Well that's still undecided, but unless people start pointing it out, it won't really bother me!

What are your opinions of this foundation?

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