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I know how it is to feel at an all time low, to be : empty, lonely, sad, hurt, broken... and in all honesty words cannot even describe all the emotions we go through, it really can be crushing. You sometimes sit and wonder to yourself " Whats the point anymore?" ... and sometimes you can't even answer that question postively but you know what we can :) there are more postive things than we can even understand and appreciate, we just sometimes forget them.

1. We are alive and here, we have everything going for us!!! so instead of dwelling on the negatives we need to use our postive thoughts to get out there and do the things we love and enjoy!

2. That special someone is out there for us all - so if you are being hurt then this is someone who truely doesn't deserve your heart because someone who loves you would never want to hurt you.

3. You are talented, beautiful and no matter what anyone says, you have everything ahead of you. You have your bright future waiting, so dont let no one stop you from persuing your dreams.

4. Never give up on hope :)

Share your love and your inner happiness with other people, tell them how much they mean to you, give them a compliment, you dont know how much it will make their day :)

HUGE love .
Laura x

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