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Hey everyone.

I thought I would just let you all know the reasons behind my lack of updating lately, as its something that is really frustrating me but at the same time is something that is really hard at the moment. Sometimes I think there are somethings about my private life that I probably should keep personal from youtube, as I guess I don't want the whole world to know! But I feel as if even though what I am about to tell you is really personal, I just feel that by telling you I can then raise awareness and do stuff to help!!

3 weeks ago now I found out my mum has cancer, breast cancer to be precise. My mum is my best friend, so you can understand how it would feel to hear this. It has been really shocking to us all and has absolutly devestated us, but now it has sunk in, I would like to try and raise awareness for people out there because cancer is such a common illness upon society and I really feel that more should be done about it. Cancer effects 1 in 3 people. These figures are really quite alarming and really emphasise how common it is. If caught in the begining stages, and treated, people can survive it, get through it and be perfectly fine :) There are loads of people who have fought it and came out the other end, I mean look at Kylie :)

My mum starts her treatment (chemo) on Thursday. It's going to be a really hard few weeks, as chemo has many side effects such as sickness,tired etc. Another side effect will be that she will loose her hair -I think for any girl to know they are going to loose their hair, is something that is really hard hitting, as your hair means so much to you, not only that but your eyebrows and eyelashes. I look back at when I moan and cry when my hairs been cut a few inches and it feel so short but I realise now how grateful I should be,nothing can compare to not having any hair. At the moment I am just trying to remain strong and supportive for my mum. We are keeping postive and using our laughther and fun lifting spirits to keep us going through this hard time. I know she can get through this!!

I think I will be doing a video this week about cancer awarenress etc and also a makeup video of some sort !! :)

Hope your all well,
Lots of love
Laura-alexis xox


Alice said...

Hiya Laura!

I just want to say that i am so sorry to hear about this... I can understand how it has been so hard on you and i dont blame you for not being on YT for a little while. I honestly couldnt imagine how it would be like if it was my mum, but just to let you know that i think you so down to earth, i've just checked out your YT channel and your so sweet! ^_^ Bless you...

Just to let you know that i will support you all the way! Sorry if that sounds wierd coming from a random person... But i think what your going through is quite traumatizing and letting out your personal life on a blog is avery brave thing to do =)

Take care sweetie,

LauraAlexis said...
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LauraAlexis said...

Hey babe (:

Thank you so much for your kind words of support. Really means alot to know that there are genuine nice people out there!
Yeah it is so hard at the moment, sometimes feels as if nothing good is ever going to happen.. been through so much stuff lately :\ but hey ho, you have to keep strong and just hope that everything will be ok in the end :)

Lots of Love
Laura xox

Megan. said...

Hello Hunny...
Soo sorry to hear about you mum made me well up reading that... Sounds like your keeping very strong and if you ever need anyone to talk, i no we haven't spoken in ages but im here if you ever wanna talk
love Megan..x

LauraAlexis said...

Hey megan.

Thanks chick. - hard times at the moments, but just keeping stong.. mum starts her 3rd chemo on thursday... shes lost all her hair now.. but have got her a wig :) looks really good actually!!

Hope your well - not spoke to you in ages!!!

Love Laura xx

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