The Player - Part 1

Why is that even when we know someones no good, a player, a flirt, a charmer, we still let ourseleves fall for these people?
We repeatedly watch out for these kind of guys, try to stay clear and tell our friends to keep their distance when we see them getting involved with one, but then when roles are reveresd and it's our turns, things change.
We aren't stupid, and deep down we will most probably know what they're like - their background history in's and out's, how many girls they've slept with, the shaddy thing's they've done. At first we will think its a defernate "no", we can be friends but nothing more, however as we get speaking, we slowly but shortly start to think "but maybe they're not the person they are made out to be?" They seem so nice and sweet, maybe they're mis-judged, have had the wrong girls... we allow ourselve to think of a millon and one reasons to stick up for their bad reputation and on goings. However, its funny because we are so hypocritical and ironik, we give our friends the advice we should listen to ourselves " your falling into the trap" , " your falling for his sweet talk" " he is no good, ditch him" ...

Me and my friend Amber have had our fair share of bad experiences with guys, and I love how much we trust one another's advice when in a difficult situation with someone. For example, when I see her getting hurt and enoughs enough, I will grab her phone, write out a simple but effective text and then as we get insanely drunk, will tell her to send it to him. At the time, we feel amazing, ITS OVERRR!! The morning after seeks different side effects besides a killer hangover. *They haven't texted back* We start to think we've made the biggest mistake ever, " he doesn't even care" , but then we support each other once more -" So what does that tell you babe if he hasn't texted back :( " ... Realisation hits you like a slap around the face - heartache dwells on you but laughing at what he has just lost is even better. - we are worth a million times more than him.

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