Firstly, I would just like to apologize for all these new accounts with new names, etc! It hasn't been easy these last few months and there has been way to much drama and bitchyness going on in my life, bullying in other words, it was tough, and I really felt I just couldn't hack things anymore - I therefore decided to delete my youtube. I wasn't even going to continue with youtube and blogging anymore but as 2010 came around, it made me realise a hell of a lot. NEW year, NEW start! ( IM NOT LETTING IMMATURE GIRLS GET TO ME! ) So welcome to my fresh start everyone :)

For me, 2009 was a HUGE learning curve. I experienced so many bad things it was untrue, but with everything bad there is always a postive side to reflect upon ... and that is that out of these experiences I have became so much stronger and I can now take this forward with me.

TRUE FRIENDS - I have well and truely learnt who these are now, I lost so many people in my life last year, people who I thought would be there for me forever. It's sad to loose a friend because I think we will always miss them certain qualities of someone, but for me, it was just a case of realisation, and them not being the people I well and truely thought they was. Being beat up by your "friends" in town, and then being left with nothing, an example of one of these incidents that happened to me to make me realise what these girls were really like. I find it mad when people say to me " Are you ever going to make up with them?", Would you want a friend who is capable of something like that? No thank you. These people are out of my life now, thats a fact. " You can only count your true friends on one hand" <<>

DO WHAT YOU WANT- Never let anyone get in the way of your dreams and ambitions in life. I know this is hard, believe me I do, this is a girl whose been through the worst of the worst, been at an all time low, just wanted a way out and for everything to end, but honestly it's not the answer! Beating the negativity, the bullies, the people who doubt you, is how you get by, following your heart and just showing these people what your capable off because these people won't be going anywhere in life, they will get exactly what they deserve and what's coming to them, maybe not straight away, but give it time and you will see :) Then you can have the last laugh. Be strong, stick to your dreams! - YOU CAN DO IT.

Anyways, I could spend a lifetime rambling about mistakes and things I have learnt from 2009, but please please please stay postive !

++ stick around for lots more reviews/tips/rambles. etc coming soon on my blog!

I love you all.

Laura alexis x

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