Here are my latest in's and out's for your reading pleasure :)


- St. Moriz mousse tan. - With many more cold winter months ahead, ive decided to re-dig the good old fake tan out and there's none better than the good old St.Morris. Ok at first glimpse you may think this is a type error but you couldn't be more wrong :) St. Moriz is in fact my replica version of the classic St.Tropez. It goes on perfect ( tinted so you can see your application), doesn't smell like classic "fake" tan, no fake tan stains on your bed sheets, the perfect light brown/golden finish, and oh did I mention the amazing £2.99 price tag?! << Gordons chemist are one of the few places that stock this, so grab yourself a bargain NOW!

- Urban decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil - The blackest and best eyeliner to stay on all day long?? ZERO!! An absolute must :) . I loved this product so much, I have now purchased the super glash set which contains 9 fabulous colours!

- Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here/X factor - Staying in on a Saturday night is now acceptable. Totally addicted? I will admit, yes. Perhaps so wrong but so right? But who cares, they are so entertaining!! Even if Im A Celeb is full of "wanabe" celebs hoping to re activate their careers!


- Clubbing - Hitting the rough and cold streets of Leicester, getting plastered in small skirts and heels you can't walk in and add the fact you will be minus atleast £50 in your pocket by the end of the night just doesn't do it for me anymore. Call me boring but i'd much rather spend my money a bit wiser on something I can see. However, birthday parties will be an acception :)

- Shaving legs - Ok, so its tough for me to say this but my mum was right, epilators are SO much better than shaving. After months of my month raving about how much softer her skin was and how much slower hairs took to grow back, I decided to let her" prove " this too me. So whilst I closed my eyes listening to the dentist like noise of an epliator, screaming and unable to look, after a while I learnt to just grin and bare the small/sharp pain. The plus side was that my legs are now gorgeous and smooth, whilst its been 1 week without shaving and so far, no hairs have grown back!! YAY.


Hazel said...

how much is it to epilate?

Megan. said...

Why have u deleted your Youtube?
and have you deleted your facebook?
love Megan x x x

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